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Kirtan Angels - Bhakti Yoga in the Modern Age
Author: Krishna Devi
Krishna Devi is a remarkable innovator of Kirtan chanting and singing which she calls Gypsie Kirtan. In this book, Krishna Devi takes the reader on a wondrous journey, reviewing the history of kirtan chanting, as well as the importance and meaning of this magical art-form.

Price: $11.99

Natural to My Soul
Author: R. Danielle Gault
Natural to My Soul is written for the seeker as a self-discovery guide providing an holistic approach using alternative healing methods and metaphysical, inspirational insights for spiritual health.

Price: $10.00

I hold the Lion's Paw
Compiled by Joan Suval
"I hold the Lion's Paw" is a disciple's collection of wise and powerful statements from letters of Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati, written to her between 1963 and 1970. Included are spiritual drawings by artist Blossom Folb, and practical, yet philosophical, responses inspired by Shri Brahmananda to questions raised by seekers.

Price: $14.95